Strategies to Enhance Social Media Campaigns

Five strategies for retailers to add amp to their social media campaigns

Social media has changed the way businesses market themselves these days. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Foursquare and Pinterest are used by scores of users every single day. A good social media marketing campaign sells products, but a great social media campaign not only sells products but also uses data mining techniques to find out who, when, where and why about their campaign. A company that does not utilize these powerful advanced techniques is robbing itself.

Effective social media marketing is about more than just throwing up a Facebook business page and hoping for “likes”. Here are five techniques businesses can use to enhance their social media marketing strategy.

1. Make it fun. There is no doubt that social media is serious business, but if it isn’t fun, it isn’t going to be successful. Contests, giveaways, polls and other events not only engage customers, but also give companies a wealth of information about the participants. This is where the advantage of data mining comes in to play as you can learn and build campaign designed for success.

2. Tell don’t sell. Customer love stories, and don’t love being “sold” to. Of course businesses want to share their products, inform their customers of sales, specials and events, and so they should, but include the story. What was the inspiration for this great new product or service? Who is behind the company’s exciting new event? When people tell stories, they allow others to get to know them, and when people feel like they know someone they are more likely to do business with them.

3. Listen and Respond. Twitter is an excellent forum to listen to what customers are talking about, and find out what questions and problems they have. Listening is an important part of a good marketing strategy, but it must be followed up with responding. A company who responds to its customers via social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter instantly makes themselves more accessible, more trustworthy and more likeable.

4. Offer content that people want to share. Shopping is a social experience, and a large part of being sociable is sharing. If content is not engaging, useful or entertaining, people won’t want to share it. Limiting themselves to churning out content for the sole purpose of selling is not effective. Offering content that is meaningful enough to be shared, liked, Pinned and Tweeted is essential to success.

5. Analyzing Social Media Data. There is no question that the wealth of data from a multitude of sources has become an invaluable resource for any business. A business is not fully harnessing the power of social media if it is not using the wealth of information it provides. Data mining and analyzing takes this resource and translates it into solutions. However, analyzing large volumes of data from so many sources can be a huge drain on any businesses time and money.

An outside organization for data mining and analysis can save a business time and other valuable resources. Social Media analysis in particular is essential for today’s business because its use is so widespread and constant. Speed is the key here, and most businesses do not have the time or the resources to keep up with the minute to minute changes that are taking place across multiple social media platforms.

Virtue Analytics is a boutique consulting company that uses advanced data analytics techniques to help businesses provide better, more relevant and more targeted services and products to their customers. They have a team of talented and dedicated business consultants and data scientists that create the businesses intelligence needed for the organizations to succeed.

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